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Professional Liability & Environmental Liability Insurance Coverage

Terra understands the insurance needs of geotechnical, environmental and civil engineering firms better than any other professional liability insurer.

Terra has focused on insuring the professional liability exposures of geotechnical and civil engineering firms since 1968 – and in 1988, after noticing a shift in the needs of its clients, Terra became the first professional liability carrier to offer environmental liability insurance to design professionals.

Terra's Professional Liability Insurance Policy is designed to provide coverage to design professionals for their actual or alleged negligent acts, errors or omissions emanating from their professional services. Negligence is derived from breaches, or alleged breaches in the standard of care (i.e., the standard of care is what another like-kind professional would do at a similar time, at similar location, and under similar circumstances).

Terra's Environmental Liability Insurance Policy provides comprehensive coverage for environmental claims, including claims involving wetlands, asbestos and other toxic and hazardous waste situations. This coverage extends to damages associated with the release, the escape, and the dispersal of pollutants as well as the failure to detect, or properly identify or assess pollutants and hazardous waste conditions.

Terra's policies are built on a foundation of almost 50 years of claims experience, and can be customized to meet your firm's unique needs.

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