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Services, Rebates, & Credits

Unlike most other professional liability carriers, Terra provides its policyholders a multitude of unique services, rebates, and credits at no additional cost. Some examples include:

Advanced Deductible Payments: Unlike other carriers, Terra advances all claim deductible payments (no matter how large) of all its policyholders and charges no fee or interest on the outstanding obligation.

The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) Peer Review Reimbursement: Subject to some limitations, we reimburse 100% of the out of pocket costs of an GBA Peer Review.

Educational Program Reimbursement: Terra's focus on education has worked so well that Terra encourages every policyholder to apply for credits to reduce their ongoing costs of professional training, accreditation programs and other educational pursuits necessary for their business.

Contract Review Services: As one of our most utilized benefits, Terra provides its insureds with a superior contract review service. We provide our policyholders a swift and personal reply to all inquiries in 24 hours or less.

Interest-Free Premium Financing: All Terra policyholders pay their premium on a quarterly basis with no fee or interest assessed on the unpaid balances. Most other carriers require all premiums to be paid in full in advance of coverage.

Pre-Claim Assistance: We provide important pre-claim assistance which helps policyholders determine the appropriate steps to take when a problem situation develops.

Purchase Your Insurance Directly or Through Your Trusted Insurance Agent or Broker: While the bulk of our business is generated directly from design professional firms without the use of an agent or broker, Terra accepts insurance submissions from qualified agents and brokers.

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Terra offers all these services and more at no additional cost. We partner with our policyholders and provide them with the best customer service in the industry. Experience what makes us better – Terra is Your Partner in Risk, Your Partner in Success.


Programs Rebate/Credit
GBA Meeting Attendance In the years such rebates are offered, they have ranged from $1,000 to $2,500
Peer Review Reimbursement Reimburses firms for 100% of the out-of-pocket costs of a peer review, subject to a $1,000 minimum and $40,000 maximum credit. Available any time a peer review is done
Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP) $1,500 credit per firm, per year, for completion of FOPP course by its employees.
GBA Risk Management Seminars $1,500 for sponsoring firms
Your own Professional Education Pursuits Rebate or reimbursement subject to approval and review of program by Terra Management. Credit could subsidize a portion or the complete cost, based on various factors including the program itself, the size of the firm, etc.

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