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Peer Reviews

As part of its steadfast commitment to managing risk, Terra requires all of its insureds to undergo organizational peer review through The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) at least once every five years — and reimburses them 100% of the out-of-pocket costs.

Terra's conviction to the peer review process leads to better risk protocols, fewer claims and reduced losses – and we have the statistics to prove it. One important purpose of peer review is to obtain a comprehensive framework for improvement, from the professional peers who are uniquely qualified to offer informed counsel and helpful planning tools.

Terra's policyholders use this valuable and constructive process to help them:

  • Obtain feedback from their client base
  • Evaluate internal policies and procedures that affect the quality of their firm's services
  • Assess the extent and effectiveness to which those policies and procedures are followed
  • Identify areas, opportunities and specific methods for improvement

In many cases, the cost of a peer review exceeds that of the premium Terra collects from a policyholder in a given year. However, we believe those costs are worth it because peer review leads to better engineering firms and fewer claims – and fewer claims means our policyholders can spend more time growing their businesses.

No carrier cares as much about its policyholders, and invests more in their operations and success, than Terra.


To begin, your firm contacts GBA to obtain a peer review control number and to schedule a peer review. Then, your firm selects a Peer Review Team Captain to serve as a trusted advisor throughout the process. They will work closely with you to develop a detailed scope of services and choose other Peer Review team members whose related experience will help your firm achieve specific objectives. Note: All Peer Reviewers are obliged to adhere to written ethical requirements.

Depending on the size of your firm, the on-site review process can take from two to six days. During this process, the peer review team interviews managers and other key employees, reviews internal documents, examines management policies and procedures, evaluates all their findings and, before leaving, provides an oral and written report to the client firm. This report always serves as a useful planning and organizational structure tool – and often can help firms keep up to date with the industry’s best practices.

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