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Commitment to Education

Terra's culture is immersed in risk management and loss prevention. We have an unwavering support of the professional education and development of our insureds.

Unlike other carriers who focus mainly on claims, Terra focuses on proactively managing geotechnical, environmental, and civil engineering risks through its commitment to professional education programs.

Over the years, Terra's commitment to ongoing professional education has drastically reduced the frequency and severity of claims of its policyholders. Today Terra averages just one claim per every $26M in reported revenues – a truly superior statistic in the insurance industry.

Terra's focus on professional education has worked so well that Terra encourages every policyholder to apply for credits to reduce their ongoing costs of professional training, accreditation programs and other educational pursuits necessary for their business.

Since Terra has been offering specialized and tailored coverage to geotechnical, civil and environmental engineers for nearly 50 years, the professional liability experts here have developed an outstanding set of risk management tools and information for our policyholder base. These tools are completely free to use and can only be accessed by Terra policyholders through our secure Client Resources section.

In addition to underwriting portions of our policyholders' educational pursuits, Terra also requires them to undergo a constructive organizational peer review once every five years — and reimburses 100% of the cost.

Terra understands the risks inherent to the design profession. Therefore, if you want a carrier that works with you to improve your firm, mitigate those risks, and increase your bottom line – then,

apply now or contact us.


In a further demonstration of its strong commitment to the design profession, Terra has contributed millions of dollars to The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) — a non-profit organization that offers a wealth of valuable programs and services to support the risk management and loss prevention activities of geoprofessionals and other design professionals.

Terra provides GBA with an annual, unrestricted grant to encourage the development of innovative programs, services, and materials that help design professionals better manage their risks and “prosper through professionalism.”  GBA actively promotes education, networking, and collaboration among peers, and because it offers so much value to the engineering profession, Terra supports its mission, its Board of Directors, its management and its members. 

To learn more about GBA and how its programs can help your firm click here.

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“Terra demonstrates the high performance standards that it expects of its owner/insureds by providing the guidance, programs, funding, and assistance required to create and maintain an extraordinary loss-prevention/risk-management culture. By adopting that culture, we do things the right way and we save money directly and indirectly on our insurance costs.”

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