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Learn about common precursors to claims with our VP of Claims and Risk Management, Lisa Dyson Gamblin. As always, for more information about anything discussed in this video,...
Critical Success Factors - Loss Prevention for Design Professionals
Terra's CEO David Coduto discusses ways to enhance the profitability of design professionals by reducing their insurance costs. The video details 3 critical success facto...
Contract Negotiation: "Engineers Doing the Right Thing"
Dave Coduto talks about why it's beneficial for engineers to read, comprehend, and modify contract provisions that create professional liability insurability issues.
Does the Size of an Insurer Really Matter?
This video discusses AM Best ratings and whether the size of an insurance company matters in the evaluation of the credit worthiness of an insurer.

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February 15, 2018
Critical Success Factors - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Engineering Firms
2000 was a year of great uncertainty for the insurance industry in general, and for professional liability insurers, l...