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Active Remediation Management (ARM) and Engineer-Led Design Build Coverage (ELDB)

Many years ago, Terra recognized the need to provide comprehensive coverage to engineers that “stepped over the line” and became “de-facto” or “paper” contractors, by retaining, directing and administering contracts of contractors and operators.

As a result, any Terra policyholder can obtain coverage for construction means, methods and techniques as well as site safety.

Terra offers its Active Remediation Management (ARM) coverage to firms that participate in environmental remediation projects. In an environmental remediation, an owner may want the engineer to design and then implement a solution to a toxic or hazardous waste problem. The engineer will hire and then direct the remediation contractor.

For non-environmental applications, Terra offers its Engineer-Led Design Build (ELDB) coverage. For example, if an engineer is hired to design and implement a landslide remediation plan, they may be required to hire an earth mover (or other sub-contractor), to help solve the problem. In these situations, the engineer moves beyond the role of a pure consultant and takes on the role and duties of a contractor, even though they are not physically performing the contracting functions themselves.

Terra's ARM and ELDB products insure both the design and contracting exposures of the design professional and can be added to any standard Terra policy.

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