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Contract Review

As one of our most utilized benefits, Terra provides its policyholders with outstanding contract review services. We guarantee our policyholders a swift and personal reply to all inquiries in 24 hours or less.

Contract language these days can contain risk factors or professional exposures hidden within contract clauses. However, our expert contract review specialists — sharply focused on insurability, insurance requirements and general risk management principles — can quickly zero in on problem areas in a contract.

Once a problem is identified, our team will develop alternative wording or make other suggestions — even propose negotiation strategies. Terra will also go the extra mile to guide the contract negotiation process itself.

Our policyholders have been successfully implementing Terra's Contract Review recommendations for years and in thousands of unique situations.This results in our policyholders signing better contracts — contracts that protect their own interests while simultaneously satisfying their clients' interests.


Terra’s policyholders have access to a wide array of professional services contracts that we have developed in conjunction with The Geoprofessional Business Association. This includes contracts for geotechnical, civil, environmental (including toxic mold services and environmental remediation services), engineer-led design/build, laboratory, and drilling services.

We also provide reviews for our policyholders’ own standard contracts, and can advise them of areas of potential professional exposure and insurability concerns.


Terra also issues frequent risk management and loss prevention advisories to our policyholders, available for free via the Resources link on this website.

Also available are videos that Terra has produced for the engineering profession, and a CD-ROM contract tutorial for our policyholders to help educate their staff about various contractual risks.

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“Terra works proactively with us to reduce our business risks, and it’s a particularly valuable resource when we enter a contract negotiation. In many cases, Terra has given us effective discussion points to challenge poorly written agreements or one-sided terms. That assistance has resulted in more favorable terms and conditions with our clients.”

—Tadeusz W. “Ted” Lewis, P.E.
GeoConcepts Engineering, Inc.