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BSK Associates, Inc.

Stellar returns on our investment. Unequalled risk management guidance and education. Responsive contract review and assistance with negotiations. A genuine interest in the success of our firm, recruitment of a Peer Review team whose competencies and experience were ideally suited to focus on our most pressing needs. A staff that is responsive, professional, and downright friendly. You might think I was describing an outstandingly good management consultant. In fact, I’m describing Terra Insurance Company, an organization whose business is to write professional liability insurance policies that meet the specific needs of its owner/insureds.

BSK has enjoyed its relationship with Terra for nearly four decades. In my two years at the firm's helm. I've come to understand why. Terra demonstrates the high performance standards that it expects of its owner/insureds by providing the guidance, programs, funding, and assistance required to create and maintain an extraordinary loss-prevention/risk-management culture. By adopting that culture, we do things the right way and we save money directly and indirectly on our insurance costs.

Possibly the single best thing about our relationship with Terra is the individual attention and care given to each of its insureds. Everybody on Terra's staff knows who we are, knows our business, and works tirelessly to help us find the appropriate solution or remedy when the need arises. Terra is so much more than just an insurance company. Terra works for us and with us as a trusted advisor.

Richard E. Johnson, P.G., C.E.G.
BSK Associates

D'Appolonia (Ground Technology Inc.)

Terra has been D'Appolonia's professional liability insurance partner since 1970. That's truly an enduring relationship. But how did it happen? Well, Terra understands our business and works hard to offer the insurance products and support we need to meet changing business trends. Terra visits and calls us to learn what's going on and how we see the future. And day-to-day, Terra is always available to answer our questions and those of our clients. We also value Terra's support for training, peer review, and operations improvements. Maybe most importantly, we know an extremely capable, concerned insurance company is there to help protect our firm when problems arise. Bottom line: Terra's unmatched service is helping us succeed, and that makes for an enduring relationship.

Robert E. Snow, P.E.
Senior Principal
D’Appolonia Engineering


DOWL HKM has been in business for more than 50 years, beginning as a small, Alaska-based engineering and surveying company with one office in Anchorage. We've been insured with Terra RRG for the last 25 years, a period that's seen our initial investment in Terra grow more than 25-fold. DOWL HKM has grown, too. Today we are a company that consists of 400 top-flight professionals who work in 20 offices throughout six western United States and generate annual revenues of nearly $60 million. Because of our strong revenue growth and diversification, we have been courted by other PLI carriers promising lower rates and better service. Not once have we been tempted to price shop or leave the program for supposedly greener pastures. Why? Because Terra is our business partner. The company provides a quality service and has worked diligently with us since “day-one” to craft an evolving risk-allocation product uniquely suited to our needs and preferences. Today, that “best-fit product” recognizes DOWL HKM's appetite for risk and our desire to keep our rates low and be rewarded for good risk-management performance.

Terra has won our loyalty by going the extra mile with programs such as:

  1. financial support for risk-management and project-management training,
  2. pre-claim advice,
  3. contract review and consultation services,
  4. financial support of organizational Peer Review, and
  5. state-of-the-industry presentations and consultation on emerging issues and trends.

While the marketing terms "clients for life" and "trusted professional advisor" are tossed around in the consulting world, in the case of Terra and DOWL HKM, we mean it.

Stewart G. Osgood, P.E.

Duffield Associates, Inc.

It takes more than good service to have a client for life. Terra has more. That's why Duffield Associates has been with Terra for 30 years. For one thing, the company has outstanding products. We've had a “retro” policy for about ten years and it's worked out great for us financially. So have Terra's Active Remediation Management and Engineer-Led Design/Build coverages. They've permitted us to provide turnkey services for a number of our clients and allowed us to expand into new service areas. Terra is also supportive of our business. On several occasions, Terra has given us funding to support leadership transition and participation in professional development activities, like Fundamentals of Professional Practice. And while it takes more than good service, having a client for life cannot be done unless the service is extraordinary, and Terra's is just that. The company's legal staff assists us with contract reviews and gives us guidance on how to negotiate key issues that arise. And in those rare instances when a claims situation seems to be developing, Terra is by our side, doing whatever it can to mitigate the impact on our firm. There's no other company out there that does what Terra does.

R. David Charles, P.E.
Executive Vice-President
Duffield Associates, Inc.

French & Parrello Associates, P.A.

French & Parrello has been a Terra insured and shareholder since 1983, a time when it was extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get professional liability insurance coverage for a geotechnical practice. Little did we know that our $10-per-share investment would increase to nearly $243 per share by the end of 2008 or how profound an impact Terra would have on how we do business. Terra has continually been way ahead of the curve with regard to risk management and the need to educate their insureds. As our practice evolved from geotechnical to our present multi-discipline engineering mix, Terra was there with us. To us, Terra is far more than an insurance vehicle: It’s our friend, sharing in the good times, supportive in the tough times, and singular in its commitment to improving our practice.

Laurence E. French, P.E.
French & Parrello Associates, P.A.

GAI Consultants, Inc.

GAI Consultants, Inc. (GAI) has been a Terra Insurance Company (Terra) insured and stockholder since the 1970’s. Terra is an insurance company that has demonstrated time and time again that it cares about our business’s success. Continuously utilizing programs like the Terra sponsored Peer review program, GAI has benefited with recommendations leading to GAI’s successful growth and financial stability. Risk management has become a critical issue in today’s business environment. We think of Terra as our business partner assisting us with contract reviews, claims, continuing education and Peer reviews. Terra has also proved to be a wise investment as we have seen our Terra stock value grow significantly over the years due to dedicated efforts of Terra’s Senior Management staff. I’m looking forward to many more years of continued business partnership with Terra.

Gary M. DeJidas, P.E.
President & CEO
GAI Consultants, Inc.

GeoConcepts, Inc.

GeoConcepts has worked with Terra since our inception in 1999. Terra's value goes beyond providing insurance coverage when a problem occurs. Terra works proactively with us to reduce our business risks, and it's a particularly valuable resource when we enter a contract negotiation. In many cases, Terra has given us effective discussion points to challenge poorly written agreements or one-sided terms. That assistance has resulted in more favorable terms and conditions with our clients. All Terra staff members are dedicated to responding quickly to our needs, and its senior staff – from the CEO on down – do a great job of getting to know the people who represent their insureds.

All Terra insureds are also Terra stockholders, and that's another important aspect of our relationship with Terra: Ownership creates an extra incentive for all owner/insureds to work hard to reduce the risk of claims, because fewer claims improve the bottom line of our Terra investment. Considering the fact that our investment in TERRA has grown 300% since we became a stockholder, we know TERRA is a great investment for our firm.

Identifying Terra's contributions to our firm’s growth and success is easy. Terra's emphasis on Peer Reviews, its promotion of The Geoprofessional Business Association involvement, and its financial support of staff education and development have helped us become a better, more successful firm than we otherwise could have been. We value Terra's expertise and experience. Terra's willingness to share them with us has really helped separate us from our competition.

Tadeusz W. “Ted” Lewis, P.E.
GeoConcepts Engineering, Inc.

GeoEngineers, Inc.

The care and skill that we experience in every interaction with Terra are unmatched. Terra is more than just a professional liability insurer; it's a partner in risk management. The people there are our trusted advisors and educators. They have redefined the very meaning of "value-added" in the insurance industry.

Kurt Fraese, L.G.
GeoEngineers, Inc.

Geotechnical Consultants Inc. (OH)

Terra was GCI’s first professional liability insurance provider and, for 25 years, Terra has been our only professional liability insurance provider. Various brokers have told me that GCI could “do better” elsewhere, because “elsewhere” offered lower rates. But professional liability insurance is not the only thing Terra provides. What's even more important is Terra's staff. Competent, concerned, and committed are good words to describe them. They respond quickly and well to questions about contracts, and they provide reassuringly effective guidance on navigating potential claims. Terra also offers outstanding education programs and provides excellent information on its web page. Terra genuinely wants to help its owner/insureds become better firms, which is one of the reasons I so strongly recommend Terra to younger firms that need help up the learning curve. Terra is also the company to call for those who have no interest in playing “musical insurance companies” or who are tired of nonrenewal notices and/or wildly fluctuating insurance rates. Bottom line: Terra is really good at what it does.

Daniel G. Longo, P.E.
Geotechnical Consultants, Inc

NTH Consultants (Neyer, Tiseo, & Hindo)

2008 marks NTH Consultants' 40th year in business. Terra Insurance Company has been our strategic partner for the last 25 of those years. We remain loyal to Terra because of its:

  • exceptional responsiveness, guidance and support, loss-prevention programs, and investment returns;
  • valuable contract advice, especially in the area of contract review, including Terra's sample contract provisions and Risk Management Advisories; and
  • outstanding guidance and practical suggestions on how to keep small problems from growing into larger ones.

Terra also supports programs that bring significant value to our business practices and bottom line, by:

  • underwriting our participation in The Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA)'s Peer Review program, and offering premium credits for participation in GBA's Fundamentals of Professional Practice and rebates for attending GBA meetings, and
  • offering its own Staff Educational Opportunity grants to support project management and loss-prevention training efforts, like NTH's internal Technical Project Management Academy.

Terra continues to be one of the best business partners NTH has ever had!

Kevin B. Hoppe, P.E.
President & CEO
NTH Consultants, Ltd.

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