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Welcome to Terra's New Site!

June 4, 2013

Terra welcomes you to the debut of its new site! Please read on for the full announcement.

Hello Policyholders!

We are very excited to present our new website!

As you will see, the website is more modern in its design, and it groups content into manageable groups for easy access. One of the highlights is our policyholder submitted media. We thank every firm that submitted media to us. We encourage all policyholders to submit to us, high quality, high resolution photographs of their work, so that they can be featured on our website. We will cycle this media through the public areas of the site.

Another impressive function we added is called “responsive design.” This function adjusts the website content to match the dimensions of your screen. If you access it on a mobile device or tablet, the site will adjust itself to perfectly fit your screen while keeping text large enough to read. It doesn't matter if you access the site form your laptop or your cell phone – the website will always reformat itself to fit your device.

We also plan to add more features to Terra’s “insured only” section. More information about these features will be added to the news section as we move forward.

This website revision is just the first part in our efforts to rejuvenate the Terra brand. We've also redesigned our logo, and you will shortly see the new logo on our official documents. If you have any questions about our new website, about our re-branding, or any marketing questions, please contact us.

Finally, we would like to thank our friends over at WebEnertia for their outstanding job designing and building this website. We highly recommend their services.

Thank you for checking our site out!

Best regards,

Dave M.

Director of Marketing

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