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Certificates of Insurance

The purpose of issuing a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is to provide evidence to your client that your firm has professional liability insurance with specific limits during a policy year. The COI itself provides no additional insurance benefits and is merely evidence that your firm carries professional liability insurance – your insurance coverage is determined solely by your policy.

Terra Insurance issues certificates to our policyholders after receiving a Certificate Request Form. Terra’s certificates show:

1. Date of issue
2. Name of the Policyholder plus the branch office that requested the certificate
3. Name of the Project (Optional)
4. Name and address of the Certificate Holder
5. Any special instructions for the certificate
6. Whether the certificate should indicate coverage for Environmental Liability

Terra endeavors to issue all certificates within one business day after receiving the request. We do understand that sometimes a certificate is needed immediately – in those cases we ask that you submit the request with the words “RUSH” in the subject line and call us (800.872.0077 / 415.927.2901) as soon as possible.

Certificates of insurance are not used to identify provisions of contracts you have with the certificate holder. Contract review questions, including those dealing with special endorsements, should be directed to Terra’s contract review specialists.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us (800.872.0077 / 415.927.2901) if you have any questions regarding Certificates of Insurance.

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